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Find out how our team of elite software crafters can help you build the products your clients love and the team your business need.

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Who we are

Industry leading full-stack developers and designers specialized in bleeding-edge technologies.

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Tech stack:

  • Javascript and Typescript
  • NodeJS
  • React and React Native
  • Testing frameworks like Jest and RTL
  • GraphQL and REST
  • SQL/NoSQL Databases like Postgres, MongoDB and Redis
  • Cloud services like AWS, Digital Ocean and Heroku

How We Work

  • We learn

    Whether you need something new, built from scratch or an elite squad to rescue your existing product, we start by learning everything we can about your business, from market context to success indicators. We search for meaningful insights then turn them into valuable product features propositions.

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    We explore

    Features in hand, we then explore design possibilities, choose the better technology stack and infrastructure architecture, test hypothesis and run experiments that may include functional prototypes, user interviews and market researches, until we are sure we have all the answers to craft the right product.

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    We design

    Time to put what we learn into practice, starting by our design team who will work closely with the development team to make sure we have a feasible detailed design, guided by three principles: it has to be scalable, sustainable and user-focused.

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    We build

    Our engineering team joins the stage to finally turn the detailed design into a real world software, using the chosen stack to craft the product features and guided by the same three principles that guide our designers. They work in a test-driven approach, applying clean code patterns and functional programming techniques, from start to production release.

  • You grow

    Our creative process is based on the most successful design frameworks tech startups use for product growth and increased user engagement. We aim to create a sustainable experience, generating long-term organic growth that goes far beyond momentary victories. This is the best phase for us to discuss the terms of a partnership, so we can keep improving your product and your team over time.

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