We are Lukin Co.

And we were born to help companies scale their businesses. We combine a team of awesome product experts with modern data analysis technologies to offer healthy, impactful, long-term growth to progressive organizations.

  • Data over opinions

    We back every decision we make by using every bit of data we can get. That is how we measure our decision-making process success rate. We know that the more robust our data analysis process is, the more actionable insights and promising answers we will get.

  • Passionate learners

    We love what we do and this is what drives us to keep pushing our boundaries further every day. Passion is what allows us to be fast to learn and to build anything that sounds like a good challenge (or seems like fun). We were born to share, from open-source we were made, to open-source we shall return.

  • Humble but proud

    We are open to learning from anyone, anywhere. We assume our mistakes and always learn from them as much as we learn from success. We are honest to admit challenges, obstacles and to never underestimate competitors, neither from our partners nor ours. Nevertheless, you'll probably gonna see us proudly speaking about the things we built, after all, humility is not the absence of pride.

  • Simple and sophisticated

    We pursue simplicity without giving up on sophistication which is part of our nature, that’s why we do our best to craft easy to use yet sophisticated products. And that’s also why we communicate in a way everyone can understand. No buzzwords, no technical terms, no jargon, just plain, honest communication.


  • Diogo Moretti

    Diogo Moretti

    Founder / CEO

    With more than 15 years of experience as a Developer and Community Leader, Moretti is the creator of Front in Floripa, co-creator of Front-End Brasil and founder of FloripaJS, but what he is really proud of is the number of Pearl Jam shows he ever attended.

  • Fernando Daciuk

    Fernando Daciuk

    Founder / CTO

    A reference. This is what you're gonna hear if you ever ask about Daciuk to any developer in Brazil. He has more than 20 years of experience as a Developer and Programming Teacher, his courses have now more than 160 thousand students.

  • Vitor Mendrone

    Vitor Mendrone

    Founder / CIO

    Has more than 10 years of experience developing for companies like Work & Co and Red Ventures, Mendras, as we like to call him, is also the co-creator of Front-end Brasil but, for him, the real challenge is to convince his wife they do have space for another retro-gaming console.

  • Leonel Melo

    Leonel Melo

    Co-founder / CSO

    Backed by his 15 years long career in tech and with an MBA in Project Management, Leo was the senior manager behind projects for brands like Havaianas and Vivo. If you're in São Paulo, there's a chance you might have to dodge him and his bike once or twice around the city.

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