A place to thrive.

We are building the company we wanted to work for. From fair compensation and benefits to a carefully crafted mentorship program. From cool projects to a great work-life balance, we will do everything we can to make Lukin Co. the best company you ever worked for.

  • Pragmatic evaluations

    As a company founded by three long-time developers, we use a pragmatic, data-based approach to guarantee we are being fair when evaluating someone's work. Our evaluation process is based on employee career objectives that we use as key pointers, to offer meaningful feedback and a clear path to success.

  • Effective mentorship

    Starting from your first day you will be assigned a mentor from our leadership. Be ready to have weekly feedback, semiannual reviews and to have a full-time partner to help you thrive. You will be able to pursue your career objectives from technical and non-technical perspectives by being guided by a senior professional to answer your questions and teach you everything they can.

  • Open-Source DNA

    We will help you create and publish your own open-source projects and blog posts. Want to be a speaker? Count on us to help you create, build, rehearse and present your talk either on meetups or conferences. Rest assured everything you learn can be shared by every means you may want. We will also encourage you to attend conferences by making tickets available for the coolest events.

  • Remote friendly

    For us, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as we can count on you. Want to work from a beach close to your home? Good! From a cabin in the mountains? Great! As long as you have a good internet connection and some availability during commercial time, you are good to go! We may require your physical presence for some special situations, like on-site client meetings, but mainly for parties because we like to celebrate our victories!

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